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Wedding: Dora & Travis – St. Mary’s Church & FireRock Golf Club

These two were great clients to work with! Dora booked without having met me as she was living in Manitoba where her and her ‘husband to be’ were both working as RCMP officers. Even though she was planning from afar, this wedding was one of the smoothest and easiest to plan of the entire season. And I have to say,  I just loved how it came together (so did the happy couple and their guests!)

When Dora first contacted me she wanted a “white wedding” with a bit of red. Travis planned on wearing his red serge RCMP uniform instead of a traditional suit, which left Dora struggling to balance the red of his uniform. A few months later, after seeing a wedding on my website, Dora changed her colour palette to pink and red.  I’ve said it before but don’t be afraid to think outside the box! Pink and red can be best friends! Shades of pink can be a nice balance to strong reds and add a dimension in colour.

Dora chose her original favourite- a white rose bouquet. We dressed it up with a bit of sparkle.  For the rest of the flowers we used the vibrant pink and red colour palette.

Bride's Bouquet


Church flowers



Orchid tree

Centerpiece and cake


The next series of photos are from Abela photography. A special thanks to them for sending us all these! To see more of their work, visit them at

Wedding Flowers

How cute is this little pup all decked out in his tux for the day!?

Dog in Tux




Bride & Groom

Bridal party

Reception details

Dance and cake

Bride & Groom with bouquet

Congratulations Dora and Travis, you’re a great couple and it was a real pleasure planning with you and designing your wedding flowers!

- Samirah

Quick Pics: Spring & Summer Bouquets

There’s not much time for blogging during the busy wedding season, but I’ll take a moment to share some beautiful spring/summer bouquets!!

- Samirah

London Ontario Florist - Designs in Bloom - Bouquet photo

London Florist - Designs in Bloom - Bouquet photo

London Ontario Florist - Designs in Bloom - Bouquets

Florist - Designs in Bloom - Bouquet photo

London Florist - Designs in Bloom - Bouquets

Designs in Bloom Bouquets

London Wedding Flowers - Summer Bouquets

Bouquets - London Ontario

Bouquets - by Designs In Bloom - London

Bride's Bouquet by London wedding florists Designs In Bloom

Bouquets by Designs In Bloom

Bouquets by Designs In Bloom - London Wedding Flowers


Wedding Bouquets by Designs In Bloom

Bright Orange!

Sparkly Bouquets!


Bouquets by London florists Designs In Bloom

Bouquets by Designs In Bloom

Wedding: Michelle & Justin – The Old Court House

Look out, there are new rules in town!  Well, not so new really.  Whoever said that you can’t mix pink and red, or brown and black?  This wedding shows just how awesome pinks and reds can look together! For this September wedding at The Old Court House, we paired gorgeous pink and red flowers with rich chocolate browns, and light mocha browns to create a dramatic effect!

The bridesmaids’ bouquets consisted of hot pink roses, vibrant red roses and pink cymbidium orchids.


bridesmaids with bouquets

To soften things up a bit for the bride, soft pink roses were incorporated in her bouquet.

bride's bouquet with rings

The sweet flower girls carried mini pink and red bouquets.

mini flower girl bouquets

Two large vibrant arrangements framed the outdoor ceremony.

Ceremony arrangements

A couple of the groomsmen looking good in their coordinating pink callas!

Groomsmen's boutonnierres

Inside The Old Court House, the centerpieces were a combination of short and tall. See if you can spot the red dahlias, they’re locally grown in all sorts of glorious colours and my favourite for late summer!


Head table decor


An impressive “blooming” tree of pink and red orchids greeted the guests upon their entrance.

Orchid tree

- Samirah

Professional photos courtesy of Photography by Yvonne

Wedding: Megan & Darren – London Hunt & Country Club

Congratulations to Megan and Darren who were married at the beautiful Hunt Club last fall.  When asking for Megan’s address early on in our meetings together, I found out we had a bit of a connection.  She lives on the same street as my fiance’s parents (a few houses down).  And not only that, the house my fiance’s parents are in was sold to them years ago by her aunt and uncle.  Small world!

The bride carried a vivid red bouquet of roses, callas and ranunculus with bear grass woven in. The groom wore a red calla to match.

Bride's Bouquet and Groom's Boutonniere

Newlyweds kiss

Since the bridesmaids wore beautiful red dresses, they carried white bouquets of hydrangea, roses, freesia and callas.

Bridal party with bouquets

I love photos that capture just how well the colour scheme all came together. (All that planning really does pay off!) Just look at the perfectly coordinated reds, blacks and whites!

Wedding party

Even though the Hunt Club is a bit more traditional, we decided to do modern and fun flowers! The vibrant red gerberas and roses really stood out among the fresh green grass! On each guest napkin we placed a single Kermit bloom.

Wedding Flowers

- Samirah

Wedding: Michelle & Jeff – Ancaster Old Mill

Michelle was one of those brides that has a real talent for planning! (She has informed me that she is seriously contemplating wedding planning as a career, because she enjoyed the process so much! And she’d be good at it!) The wedding was in Hamilton at the Ancaster Old Mill (beautiful, romantic venue!), but we planned and created her flowers here in London. Michelle came to me with a specific colour scheme and all the details in place, except for her flowers which she needed a bit of help with. We worked with her colour palette of lively oranges, pinks and browns to create fresh and fun flowers that really popped against the October leaves!

The beautiful bride and her vibrant bouquet composed of garden roses, standard roses and pink hydrangea!

Bride with bouquet

Bride & Groom

Bridal Party

The couple was married in front of the beautiful stone fireplace. On the chairs were cones of flowers.

Ceremony & Chair Flowers

I just love the intimate setting and feel of the reception!


Candlelit mantle

So I mentioned this bride is an exceptional planner…Check out how perfectly coordinated the reception table details are! The hot pink candles and orange packaged favours are a perfect compliment to the flowers. The centerpieces are created in a brown metal container with coordinating orange and pink ribbon detailing. By the way, the favours are lottery tickets!!   I wonder if any guests left the wedding richer than they came!?


Candy & Favour

Bouquet Closeup

- Samirah

Photos courtesy of Taylor Jackson Photography

Wedding: Cassandra & Justin – FireRock Golf Club

Cassandra and Justin were married on a beautiful early-October Saturday. Their reception took place at the FireRock Golf Club, one of my favourite venues – especially if you’re looking for a modern feel.

It was a privilege to work with Cassandra, who is a very sweet but hardworking perfectionist.  This was one of those weddings that took a while to plan. Over months of planning, we ended up with completely different arrangements, flowers and colours from where we started. What we ended up with perfectly complemented this couple’s style as well as FireRock!

The bouquets consisted of roses, mokara and cymbidium orchids, callas and Photinia foliage.

Bride's Bouquet

Bouquet with shoes

Bride & Groom

The Groom and one of his groomsmen having fun with the bouquets!

fun with bouquets

Looks like their little pooch was enjoying the day too! (Check out the pearls!)

The centerpieces were a combination of tall and low. The tall were a simple, yet stunning, monochromatic centerpiece of red mokara, with just a hint of black feathers around the base!


Fire Rock

An orchid on each napkin and a mass of petals (orchid and rose petals) completed the head table.

Table details

I’ve done a few of these Candy bouquets and love them every time! They are a great addition to a candy buffet.  Each time it’s fun to shop for candy that works with specific floral “colour schemes”. (But it is hard not to snack when creating them! YUM!)

Candy bouquet

- Samirah

Professional photos courtesy of Photography by Yvonne