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Samirah and Jonah – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic – PART 2

Okay… so we are VERY behind on our blog updates! 2011 was one of our busiest seasons yet, plus I have been working on a new creation for the last 9 months… (We have a baby on the way this December!) Wow, I can’t believe what changes a year can bring. So for those of you who have been very patiently waiting, here is part 2 of my own wedding almost a year ago! We will be updating the blog as well in the next couple of months with our 2011 weddings (almost 50 of them!) So keep checking back (lots of great ideas for all of you planning future weddings and just some fun, beautiful flowers to look at for those of you not planning a wedding!)

For our Dominican reception I choose to have one long table set up on the beach lined with flowers and candles! It was perfect!

Candlelight reception dinner on the beach

Reception dinner

Flowers, candles and Nachos!

Table shot

One of my favourite photos of my beautiful bridesmaids!

Bridesmaids laughing

Bride and Groom

Favours given to each guest, lovingly made by my friend Rokhsana (who also did the make-up for the wedding). (Handmade organic/all-natural soap, body butter, a candle and bath salts- perfect for those who were by now sunburned and made good use of the soothing products for the rest of the trip!)

Awesome favours!

I put my family and friends to work creating tissue pomanders which the resort staff hung above our dance floor! (When planning a destination wedding as a wedding florist it was really hard not to exceed the luggage weight requirements- I wanted to bring my whole studio with me! But tissue paper is light and was perfect in creating a great atmosphere for the dance as well as incorporating our wedding colours- fuchsias, greys, berries, plums).

Worker bees!

Tissue pomanders

Let the dancing begin!

Get down with your bad self!


First danceHehe... My husband's a dancing fool!

Bridal party















- Samirah